Top 6 Best Mechanical Paintball Guns

Electronic paintball guns and pistols are the new hotness in-game. These high-tech weapons combine mechanics with electronics to give players an improved firing rate, accuracy, or just for switching your gun on/off!

Therefore, if you want to go for the mechanical paintball gun to get the best value for the money, these paintball guns are expensive. Finding the top automatic paintball gun isn’t always an easy task, especially if you are a beginner just starting.

Many different corporations are making different types of mechanical paintball guns on the market. In short, this makes it a little challenging to find one of the best suits your needs. You are luckily here we help you to find the best mechanical paintball gun.

Life would get too boring if we did not do some exciting activity in it. Besides performing daily tasks, it is necessary to perform some other activities that can act as refreshments. Games play a magical role in this regard. Keen gamers can genuinely understand the importance of fun because they can polish your internal creativity, enhance mood, and drive you out from the depression of a challenging routine. Gamer can choose any game which they love to play and feels comfortable with it.

Moreover, I have put a list of some of the best mechanical paintball guns. I have also included a buying guide down that is great for beginners who are new to paintball guns. And have no idea to start. It is also great for advanced players who are merely looking to upgrade their older gun to a new one.

List Of Top-Rated Mechanical Paintball Guns:

It is difficult to find the perfect mechanical paintball guns. Thus we have listed some of the excellent automatic paintball guns. Grab the ideal paintball gun and enjoy your gaming.

  1. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker
  2. Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical Paintball Marker
  3. Tippmann Stormer Basic 68 Caliber Paintball Marker Black
  4. GOG New GEN2 eNMEy Paintball Gun Mechanical 68 Caliber Marker Semi-Automatic
  5. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker
  6. Planet Eclipse M170R Mechanical Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse Emek 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse Emek 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 mechanical paintball marker can fire paintballs at approximately 100 feet. Compatible with Pal and very suitable for good speedball guns, this unique automatic paintball marker only requires compressed air.

When you use the minaret, which has an automatic silencer barrel thread and about eight bps, this paintball marker’s price is slightly higher. The black surface is very smooth, the markings look good, and they look solid, visit these Paintball Guns For Adults. Those who have used the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 mechanical paintball marker say it is very soft and reasonably priced. Others say everything out of the box. However, it was mentioned that the barrel is a bit short.

In fact, Emek 100 is built for ultra-durability, so it can use for rent purposes because you may know that the rental equipment has been used regularly. The Emek manufacturer claims that they have used aircraft-grade aluminum to improve durability. It is equipped with a precise 12-inch barrel. The 12-inch barrel is perfect for beginners, gaining impressive accuracy and stability. However, if you are an expert and want more accuracy, you can also upgrade it.

The non-slip handle can maintain good performance even in the harshest conditions. Even in wet weather, your grip will not be lost. Besides, they have made a high-quality texture, and the distance between the handles is perfect so that you can handle it properly.

As you know, the gamma core bolt has a higher air utilization rate than others and can reduce fewer paintball shots. Furthermore, the gamma core can easily be removed during maintenance so that you can maintain it in a few seconds. Its inner mechanism is effortless to access without wasting lots of time.


  • 12 inches upgradable barrel
  • Gamma core bolt system
  • The internal gas line system
  • Soft over-molded grips
  • Easy to access the inner mechanism
  • Can shoot 10 PBS
  • Built from aircraft-grade aluminum

Planet Eclipse Mg100 Pal Mechanical Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse Mg100 Pal Mechanical Paintball Marker

This is the best mechanical mag feed paintball maker in the market. The barrel is the most important factor for higher accuracy. The eclipse already utilizes the 14.5-inch barrel, so you don’t need to upgrade the barrel, like this amazing gun check this Woodsball guns also. You probably know that the 14.5-inch barrel is more important than the low-end 9-12 inch barrel.

This beast has two functions and can also feed paintballs from the magazine and the loader. You can achieve high accuracy and excellent tactical appearance at the same time. Although the magazine included with the MG100 can only hold ten paintballs, you can still add high-end dye magazines that can hold 20 and 30 paintballs.

To conclude, You can add multiple mods, such as flashlights, butts, lasers, and sights to enhance the excitement. Its tactical cover has multiple rails to add new things. It consists of two tactical shroud pieces to make this maker more tactical with lots of fences to add new items. Moreover, you can remove them immediately as well.

Its gamma core and slide valve technology will use air more effectively to reduce compressed air and paintball gun shredding. You will hardly find broken bullets, more recoil, and noise. Its super soft trigger is added relief to your figure. Therefore, you will get a safety lever on the top.


  • 5 inches barrel
  • Dual feed option
  • Compatible with dye magazines
  • Multiple Picatinny rails
  • Shroud covers
  • PAL enabled
  • Spool valve technology
  • Gamma core system
  • The internal gas line system
  • Rail to add stock

Tippmann Stormer Basic 68 Caliber Paintball Marker Black

Tippmann Stormer Basic 68 Caliber Paintball Marker Black

If you search for the best paintball gun, then this Tippmann might be just what you are looking for. It is ideal for both students and intermediate players. It is pretty affordable plus easy to customize and upgraded over time.

You had a chance to pick up a basic wood ball or recall marker to take any game. It would undoubtedly be the Tippmann. This is a very dependable gun with which you can throw yourself around and still presume the marker to fire, similar it just came off the shelf.

In fact, with this gun comes a cocking mechanism that allows you to use the weapon. Even the battery runs out, as long as the gas runs out in the tanks. You will be able to fire 15 balls per second on full mode. It has a rapid-fire capability and implements the patented cyclone feed system technology. What this system does is allow the feeder sprocket and air system to be connected, which allows the marker to shoot at a faster speed.

The Tippmann is also long-lasting as it makes use of aluminum material for its recovery. It ever has a sturdy black finish, which is not prone. The marker is pretty more comfortable to maintain, and you can easily disassemble and put it back together in just one minute. This is a highly recommended paintball marker.


  • Easy to operate
  • Fully customize
  • It has a very affordable price
  • Offers rapid shots
  • Long-lasting
  • High efficient

GOG New GEN2 Enmey Paintball Gun Mechanical 68 Caliber Marker Semi-Automatic

GOG New GEN2 Enmey Paintball Gun Mechanical 68 Caliber Marker Semi-Automatic

GOG Enemy Pro mechanical paintball gun comes with an on/off ASA and clamping feedback function. Users will also have freak inline .689 illustrations. Some customers mentioned that this paintball gun is much better than it looks. Others say this is very similar to the old thread eaters.

Firstly, GOG Enemy Pro offers four different colors, with the second generation tool-free core, and the price is very high.  Secondly, The aerodynamic design ensures that the balanced air pressure can provide you with a better hitting effect every time. We offer you the most beautiful product that will genuinely help you enjoy a good experience of gaming. Furthermore, the paintball marker gun contains a semi-automatic function. It is adjustable.

Moreover, The stable low pressure makes it easy to stabilize the pressure during continuous use. This means you can continue the game without worrying about the performance of the paintball gun. This gun performs a very dependable performance, requires effortless maintenance. Thus, This product is very remarkable.


  • Available in 4 colors, meaning you can choose a paintball marker to suit your style
  • Comes with a Freak Inline .689 inset, making it ideal for use during a game
  • Long-lasting

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

This is currently the best beginner mechanical paintball pen on the market, with a solid body, ultra-high precision, and other modern features. In addition to durability, you can also customize it with multiple pica thin rails.

Moreover, you will get a military tactical look to get a real-time military atmosphere, and even manufacturers have added analog silencers and foldable butts for a more realistic feeling. This mark deserves our second place on the list, and there is almost no such mark in the mid-price range market.

In addition, Tippmann always carries unique and strong markings, which can use for many years without losing texture and efficiency. Cronus is even Tipp Mann’s most famous and most acclaimed mark. Due to its tactical appearance and solid body without compromising comfort, professional payers still use this mark.

Furthermore, Tippmann utilizes their expertise to make both fronts and carriers handle ultra-comfortable with sufficient distance so that a player can take the marker more comfortably, even in harsh conditions. They have utilized non-slippery over-molded rubber to make the grips more comfortable to grip with a non-slippery texture.


  • A5 9 inches barrel
  • Milsim Body
  • Collapsible Stock
  • Multiple pica tinny rails
  • Front and rear sights
  • Mock silencer
  • Shoot 10-15 PBS (paintballs per second)
  • Soft over-molded grips
  • The durable internal gas line system

Planet Eclipse M170r Mechanical Paintball Marker

If you observe a high-end paintball gun with tons of features, this gun might be the right choice. The first thing you will see out of the box is that its composite outer body is made entirely out of nylon, except for the barrel trigger and on/off switch, this gun is in top ten paintball gun. It has an LED indicator on both sides, easy to replace batteries, and the pops on/off switch.

This marker is beautiful lightweight and offers balance, making it very easy to control, aim and shoot. It has a high and electronic paintball gin that is capable of firing in multiple modes. It makes the marker an impressive gun for different game styles.

Therefore, this machine has no doubt one of the most advanced paintball guns on the market today. This paintball gun also comes with solid construction that is durable and long-lasting. The performance of the gun stands out after the older Etha model paintball gun.

It features an ultra-responsive trigger connected to a micro switch and a hos4eless air system that reduces leakage. You can use this without any worry.


  • Easy to replace batteries
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Powerful parts
  • Highly accurate
  • Lightweight and well balanced

Things That Need To Consider About Automatic Paintball Guns:

Hence, we are discussing the top of the line paint ball guns. Therefore, here we present some important factors that should consider before buying the automatic paintball marker.

  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Easy to maintain


Accuracy is the key to paintball games. If you don’t have accurate paintball marks, you will never dominate the game. Besides, incorrect markings can also spoil your excitement. The accuracy depends on various factors, such as the grip bucket.


Everyone wants a durable marker that can last for many years without losing efficiency and stability. Choose a marker with a high composite body with a durable trigger, barrel, and feed neck so that it can use for a long time. Markers such as Tippmann Cronus and Emek 100 are the most durable mechanical paintball markers on the market.


If you are uncomfortable, how can you control the game? Comfortable marks will serve you, not against you. Make sure to choose a marker with a lightweight body, non-slip handle, and super comfortable trigger. A light marker will help you feel comfortable even in harsh conditions; however, even in wet conditions, the non-slip grip can make your handle stronger.

Easy To Maintain:

Maintenance of the markers is a pain. You will get frustrated if your markers get a lot of time in the care.  Always select an easily maintain marker so that you can use it a few times.

 Facts About Automatic Paintball Gun:

Are there fully automatic paintball guns?

There are fully automatic paintball guns. Those are best for beginners and i9ntermediate players.

Is carrying a paintball gun illegal?

It is illegal to carry a loaded paintball gun.

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