Best Paintball CO2 Air Tanks

CO2 tanks are a popular choice for paintball players because they offer affordable, high-quality equipment with the benefits of being able to refill cheaply. However, on the downside, CO2 gas has been known to freeze when it gets too cold, which can damage your tank’s interior pressure and lead to dangerous leaks in some cases!

Best Paintball CO2 Tank

The existence of a paintballer has shown with all heterogeneous fervors. This game is something to appreciate the similarity of military-style. On the off chance that you are at present within it or wish to begin, all the essential cogwheels and frills of this game should be on your hand at present. With the correct expertise, these will allow you to rule on the field. A particularly significant extra is the best paintball tank; I concede you can fire your weapon quicker in the objective. For this situation, remember to put resources into paintball tanks.

Without a tank, you will not do much on the limited playing time. Likewise, it is indispensable to put resources into great paintball tanks. Remember about it if you will enter the paintball world. Without a doubt, you will get uninterruptible fun on the field.

Experts consistently have their decision. Likely, the beginners got confounded about settling on the choice. Yet, I’m not allowing you to fizzle all along. I will audit the paintball tanks shorted from the genuine game insight and many alternatives; these are advantageous for the two amateurs and experts.

List Of Top-Rated Paintball Co2 Tanks:

Here we present you the best paintball tanks of different companies of the best quality.

  1. Maddog Refillable Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank
  2. Tippmann 20-Ounce Co2 Tank
  3. HK Army 20oz Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank
  4. Action Village CO2 Paintball Tank – Black Aluminum
  5. Empire 12 Ounce Oz Aluminum CO2 Paintball Air Tank New
  6. Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank

Maddog Refillable Aluminum Co2 Paintball Tank

Maddog Refillable Aluminum Co2 Paintball Tank

Would you like to put resources into a superior quality paintball tank? The Maddog is a profoundly believed proficient paintball tank brand that you can depend on. When utilizing this ideal CO2 tank item, you won’t ever lament putting away cash. I energetically suggested this best CO2 tank on the off chance that you are focusing on quick outcomes with your markers. With no shadow of uncertainty, these paintball tank producers utilize excellent aluminum material for development.

If it’s not too much trouble, be guided that this is a light paintball tank while guaranteeing the most impressive durability. This lightweight aluminum tank assists with shooting intently 800-1000 paintballs for each fill. That is enough for section-level competition genius players to stick around in the center of the game. Furthermore, it likewise has a 20 Oz Capacity.

One thing that caught my consideration is this astounding wellspring of CO2 fuel tank comes at a cheap cost. In particular, the brand supplies the best paintball tanks, including five years of hydro-tried, and beats all industry-standard wellbeing prerequisites.

This item worked significantly as you will not get any obsolete tankā€”more than that, it has a wellbeing blasted plate that is fit for holding the crucial factor. Well beyond, the item has an incredible repeater pin valve, yet it can spill in substantial and steady employments.


  • Perfect for every level of players
  • Provide 800-1000 shots per fill
  • Constructed with lightweight aluminum materials
  • Low-cost paintball tank
  • 20 Oz Capacity CO2 Tank
  • Providing fresh tanks every time

Tippmann 20-Ounce Co2 Tank

Tippmann 20-Ounce Co2 Tank

Fortunately, you don’t have to look for a CO2 paintball tank since innumerable paintball tanks are prepared to serve you nowadays. Much the same as this aluminum CO2 tank, this comes from a prestigious organization Tippmann. This is a superb tank that surpasses each part of the business standard to make the game protected and dependable.

This CO2 tank is ideal for each degree of play. All you require is a paintball tank that is tough and dependable; this is the reason the Tippmann CO2 framework shows up to serve you best and is fit to be filled firmly, check these Paintball Tank Adapter.

Additionally, it comes in various sizes to pick the correct measurements and depend on your markers. This tank is presently accessible in three unique dimensions of 9-oz., 12-oz., and 20-oz. In this way, remember to pick yours dependent on your necessities.

Think about that the Tippmann CO2 tanks are outfitted with ventures’ most strong repeater pin valves. This valve is not difficult to associate and exceptionally helpful in fitting to your marker. Close by this, industry-standard security cleanses valve has been introduced from the industrial facility.

Numerous clients choose this item based on its severe bass development, appropriate hydro-tried at regular intervals, and opposing high pressing factors. Such powerful, developed items will carry your game insight to the following level.


  • Safe to use in races after out of the box
  • Three different sizes are available
  • Build with very durable aluminum material
  • Included built-in pin lock and adaptor
  • Hydro-tested is available every five years
  • Lightweight and durable tank

HK Army 20oz Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank

HK Army 20oz Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank

Do you like to seriously own low-budget HPA tanks in terms of a costly tank? This is the best small-capacity tank in its place of killing your money and time on the faulty products? Who knows, this might be the best HPA tank you are thinking of.

This top-player tank with great features is the perfect choice for any players who love to play stock class, pump, or mag-fed, visit these Paintball Tank.

This HPA tank size is reduced to most brands, but I was happy to see the tank. It is lightweight and comes with a high-quality aluminum body. So, you can easily carry and maintain it without slowing down in the field.  The tank is used for shorting anywhere after the game.

Fortunately, the item accompanies a cultivate fitting and a hostage elastic residue cap. The tank has a 3000 PSI limit with 800 yield pressure. Going on like this, you are equipped for shooting 250 rounds in a single fill. This is ideal for novice players. I can guarantee you that the critical factor you will get is exceptionally steady, reliable, and exact in shoots. In general, this will be your small-scale HPA tank.


  • Inexpensive HPA tank
  • Ideal for entry-level players
  • Consistent pressure and accurate shoot
  • Highly durable materials build
  • Easy to carry and maintain
  • DOT rated
  • 250 rounds shoot in every fill

Action Village 20oz CO2 Paintball Tank – Black Aluminum

Action Village 20oz CO2 Paintball Tank - Black Aluminum

If you are watching for a safe and dependable HPA air tank, this action village tank is the brand. When you are using this product, ensure that it is a perfect fit for your marker. This action tank is famous for most of the users. It is popularity ensures how impressive and superb this tank is in the field.

This village action tank makes the most reliable and dependable CO2 tanks on the market. It orders a trusted brand that has been making paintball tanks for over 30 years. These tanks manufacture by one of the world-leading tank vendors. It quickly gets 1000+ shots of the most paintball guns on the market.

Moreover, this is compatible with all paintball guns that are allowed to be run on CO2. It includes most paintball guns from Tippmann, Kingman, Spyder, and Azodin.  Anyhow, this tank is effortless to carry and manage. In that case, you will never face any difficulties storing it once you do not use it. The real and the central fact is that it provides its users the best to shoot accurately, which is a more significant paintball issue.

Luckily, it can hold a decent air measure to assist clients with shooting additional few rounds before the tops. However, I’m feeling awful about the air tank, and it can mark outside whenever in substance use and misuse.


  • Most reliable
  • Dependable CO2 tanks
  • Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mange
  • Easy to carry
  • Ensure users accurately shoot with easy movements

Empire 12 Ounce Oz Aluminum Co2 Paintball Air Tank New

Empire 12 Ounce Oz Aluminum Co2 Paintball Air Tank New

If you need to get the most reliable air tank, this empire air tank is the best. It is powered by pure energy technology.  The best carbon paintball tank you can get on the off chance that you are after premium quality. It has finished with all the highlights you could at any point require from a paintball tank to pile up some valid statements in the field.

Therefore, the tank is made with solid metal fittings that will stand the trial of time. Its aluminum chamber likewise doesn’t miss the mark with regards to solidness and dependability. Without a doubt, it will hold up well to everyday use and the riff raffs of field exercises.

Additionally, it is remarkably lightweight, almost 12 ounces. It will not get in your way to winning your competitions and fun. It’s the kind of tank that takes you to the podium. This tank is instantly favorable. It is ready to use once. Besides serving you in the long term, you will undoubtedly enjoy the suitability and top performance this paintball tank has to offer.

This tank was made with aluminum; these aluminum cylinders were made in the USA with DOT and TC certified lightweight material. This reliable Pure Energy Repeater style pin valve has the five retest cycle.


  • High-quality constructions
  • Sturdy pin valve
  • Affordable refilling
  • Use at any level of player
  • Lightweight
  • Can withstand harsh game conditions
  • Reliable

Ninja Paintball Compressed Hpa Air Tank

Ninja Paintball Compressed Hpa Air Tank

Continuously the off chance you are watching for a protected and healthy HPA air tank, this Ninja paintball chamber is the brand for you! When utilizing this item, guarantee that it is an ideal fit with your marker. This Ninja air tank accompanies an extraordinary 68/4500, which is well known to most clients. Its prevalence guarantees how noteworthy and magnificent this tank is in the field.

I notice that the tank is worked with top-of-the-line strong carbon fiber, making this usable for quite a while. This more splendid HPA tank allows you to fill more gas with somewhat cost. Even though it is the most significant paintball tank yet lightweight to utilize, I’m sure you will appreciate it during the game. I can guarantee you that you don’t relax conveying it in the field. Likewise, its gentility never hinders your development.

At any rate, the tank is not difficult to convey and oversee. You won’t ever be going to confront any troubles putting it away once you don’t utilize it. The genuine actuality is, it gives its clients the best to shoot precisely, which is a more significant issue in the paintball game.

Luckily, it can hold a decent air measure to assist clients with shooting additional few rounds before the tops. However, the thing I’m feeling terrible about is the air tank, and it can gouge from outside whenever in hefty use and misuse.


  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • Made with sturdy carbon fiber material
  • More significant in size and supplies enough air
  • Easy to carry and short
  • Can hold enough air to shoot an extra two to three rounds
  • Ensure users accurately shoot with easy movements

A Thing Needs To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Paintball CO2 Tanks:

Here, we are discussing about the best paintball CO2 tanks. Therefore, here we present some important factors that should consider before buying the paintball air tank.

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Affordability


There are many pressing factors and the severe effect you could look at in the paintball field. Since all fields are unique, you may end up playing in more challenging landscapes and conditions each time you play. Along these lines, you need a rigid paintball tank that will want to oppose this mileage. You’ll never know when you should manage water, downpour, sand, winds, and some other climate conditions or components that nature will toss at you. A great tank will want to oppose every one of them.


You’ll need a lightweight paintball tank so you can easily do it with you on the field. Try not to buy a heavy paintball tank like with the steel tanks. You will need a lighter tank since it will permit you to remain out on the field for a more drawn-out time, and they are likewise simpler to deal with as well. You will value this on the off chance that you are taking an interest in a long competition.


You will need a paintball tank that has a lot of extra room. In any case, you should be careful that it doesn’t weigh a lot because more fantastic tanks mean more weight. As referenced before, the 68-4500 tank model is the ideal size to get. It is lightweight while as yet having a lot of room to store your gas. However, if you wouldn’t fret a heavier tank that holds more gas, pull out all the stops. Focus on the material as well.


Everybody often thinks about the cost when buying a paintball tank. Since every individual has various requirements and an alternate spending plan, the tank you buy will rely upon how frequently you play and the style in which you play. If you play paintball every so often, buying a modest tank might approve of you. Then again, on the off accidental that you are an expert or severe player, you will need a more costly tank that is better quality.

Facts About Paintball Air Tank:

How long will a 12 Ounce co2 tank last in paintball?

You will get roughly 400 to 500 shots on a 12oz tank if they allow.

What is better, HPA or CO2?

Both of these are particular investments.

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