Best Paintball Fields In The United States 

Best Paintball Fields In The United States 

The amount of fun and enjoyment you experience in a paintball game usually depends upon the playing file, set for arsenal, and your skill as a player. It is very common for paintball players to experience bad gameplay and poor coordination among teams because of the unmanaged playfield. But finding a good paintball field is challenging since the sport is prohibited in some regions of the world. However, the US has a very clear policy regarding paintball, and there are enough paintball fields in America for you to enjoy. Let’s examine the best paintball fields in the United States so you can choose which suits you. 

Best Paintball Fields In The United States 

Paintball fields have always been the most significant yet neglected aspect of paintball. Not only the new amateurs but even some professionals solely focus on the arsenal and need to remember to analyze the playground. The paintball field is important because it is the platform where you are about to perform your skills and enjoy the gameplay. If you check the paintball field and observe how it helps your strategies in the game, there are very few chances you will experience loss. Most of the winning and dominating paintball teams globally have a secret that they choose the perfect paintball fields; hence the gameplay also matches their team efforts. 

The Best Paintball Fields In The United States:

Locating some of the best paintball fields in the US seems simple because there are dozens of paintball fields in each division of a state, but the term best is emphasized here. Unfortunately, most paintball fields are affected badly due to the unmeasured gameplay by some amateurs. But don’t worry, you have found the most well-designed paintball field.

Following are some of the best paintball fields in the united states:

EMR Event Park:

Paintball Fields

For a more well-rounded paintball experience with recreational activities, too, no one beats the EMR Event Park. It is not an ordinary paintball field since the EMR Event Park’s baseline foundation has three castles. There is no restriction on the players to choose whether to play indoors or outdoors in the directed area of EMR Event Park. In addition to the themed paintball fields, there are enough props and visiting twins. Lastly, the recreational hub in the EMR Event Park allows visitors to enjoy the food and musical performances in the venue with others and create loving memories. 

OSG Paintball:

Paintball Fields

For people who are more considerate of the hospitality and management of their paintball fields, the OSG Paintball is one of the finest options in the entire US. This paintball field isn’t small since it is measured to be around 43 acres wide, with many interesting themes for paintball matches. One of the most famous themes in this paintball field is, without a doubt Star Wars and Area 51. Additionally, you won’t be left hungry since high-quality and hygienic food is available on the battlefield. Individual map in the themed paintball field is completely distinct from the others. Hence you can experience great visuals too while playing with your teammates. 

Skirmish Paintball:

The Skirmish Paintball is highly recommended for people looking for the best paintball field on the east coast. We already know that most quality paintball fields are themed on some famous events, and this one is no different. Skirmish Paintball has constructed on World War 2 era inspiration, so many people come to enjoy the paintball sport here. There are no limitations for playable teams here since the paintball field can easily adjust more than 4000 players. There are more than 50 maps in this humongous paintball field, which is why the Skirmish Paintball is considered one of the best paintball fields in the world. 

D-Day Adventure Park:

The D-Day Adventure Park is most appropriate for paintball players who want the best. This paintball field is by far the largest field ever created by man. It spreads over 740 acres, and you can easily get lost in a spacious battlefield. The main theme of this paintball field is WW2; hence there are several choppers, military vehicles, and fighter tanks in the paintball field alongside you to maintain a proper frame. This gaming field can also occupy more than 4000 people without a sweat. Some portions of the D-Day Adventure Park are non-functional, but it’s still a worthwhile experience for professional paintball players. 

Hollywood Sports:

For people who love premium experience in their paintball games, Hollywood Sports is most to the point location. Have you ever visited a paintball field and got stunned by the props there? If not, visit H Sports since it’s one of the few paintball fields in the US featuring very iconic and significant movie set props. In addition, various celebrities and rappers have visited Hollywood Sports and enjoyed spending quality time there. The paintball arena is mapped with over seven themes, and it’s measured to have more than 28 acres of the paintball field. You can also play volleyball and dodgeball, among other sports offered in Hollywood Sports, in addition to paintball games. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the biggest paintball field in the world?

The skirmish paintball field will be, without a doubt, the biggest field in the world by 2022 since it features more than 740 acres of playable land. Additionally, there are over 50 paintball maps and various iconic props to choose from. 

How profitable are paintball fields?

Paintball fields are a great investment since, on average, a paintball field makes 18000 dollars to 29000 dollars in profit. The profit from the paintball field is instantly proportionate to the number of players and the payment they expend on the paintball field. 

Which cities have the largest paintball park in the world?

Pennsylvania and Oklahoma have the largest paintball parks in the world. These paintball fields are estimated to be spread over 750 acres of land and 50+ themes in the paintball games map. 

Are people getting more interested in paintball events these days?

According to some reports, paintball games are losing popularity in the United States since fewer people engage in professional paintball events. However, in 2021, around 2.5 million paintball players participated in paintball games. 

What is the moderate numeral of themes in the paintball field maps?

On average, there are around ten themes in the paintball field maps. Most of these themes in the paintball field are distinguishing and separate in visuals and settings. Additionally, there are enough props and settings placed on the venue to engage the players. 


These were the best paintball fields in the United States. You can pick any of the mentioned paintball fields according to your preferences. The most appropriate way to choose a paintball venue is to understand your gaming format and select which venue suits it the best. Additionally, it would help if you opted for a more recreational and aesthetically pleasing paintball field since they add more fun to the experience. You can visit the official websites of these mentioned paintball fields to get more information. Thanks for reading. 

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