Best Paintball Hauler – Top 1000 Round Paintball Caddy

When you need to be on top of your game, it helps if the equipment is in tip-top shape. That’s why we have listed some popular paintball haulers for any player looking at purchasing one!

Best Paintball Hauler

A paintball hauler is the single and essential part of the paintball game in all equipment types. Paintball is a serious game in which teams exist. First of all, having a hauler that is comfortable and durable will significantly improve your paintball experience. The difference between a cheap rubber hauler and a still affordable but comfy hauler is like night and day.

The existence of a paintballer has shown with all heterogeneous fervors. This game is something to appreciate the similarity of military-style. On the off chance that you are at present within it or wish to begin, all the essential cogwheels and frills of this game should be on your hand at present. With the correct expertise, these will allow you to rule on the field. A particularly significant extra is the best paintball tank; I concede you can fire your weapon quicker in the objective. For this situation, remember to put resources into paintball tanks.

With a hauler, you can easily play your game. It makes you feel comfortable. You can easily carry it in your hand and then fill the pods. Undoubtedly these haulers are prepared by well-known companies which are durable and long-lasting because of their import quality. The material used in their working process is very durable. Here we present you the most desired and demanded paintball masks that are best for paintball sports.

List Of Top-Rated Paintball Hauler:

  1. GenX Global Paintball Hauler
  2. HK Army Reload Paintball Ball Hauler
  3. Valken Paintball Ball Hauler/Loader – Smoke
  4. GXG Paintball Hauler Caddy Holds 1000 Paintballs – Red
  5. Valken Paintball tactical Ball Hauler

Genx Global Paintball Hauler

Genx Global Paintball Hauler

GenX Global is the best accessory found in the paintballing world. It doesn’t get any more time-saving but straightforward than this paintball hauler. Dump your bags of 500 paintballs into this hauler for storing before live. When you need a quick fill-up between games, pop open your pods, quickly fill up and then close it easily.

In fact, before having this,   it had numerous issues spilling the paintballs everywhere. This hauler typically adds the paintball into the box. I hope that the bag of paintballs didn’t rip, spilling paintballs up. Then on a good day, take handful after handful to fill up each pod very slowly. Then pick up any spilt paintballs afterwards, which was an instant guarantee that would happen.

Moreover, purchasing this use to fill up the hauler quickly and run over it too. Hence, for a quick refill of pods and good to go for several more games. The hauler is made up of lightweight but very durable and sturdy plastic. That allows it to be dropped, thrown around, and heavily abused without damage. Both the top and side lids fit very snuggly and don’t pop off anytime, anywhere.

If you are a beginner player and thinking to enjoy sports more, so but this hauler. This hauler’s surface is comfortable to clean and smooth enough to place all your paintball stickers.


  • length: 16.256 cm
  • width: 16.764 cm
  • height: 29.464 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
  • Durable
  • Lightweight

Hk Army Reload Paintball Ball Hauler

Hk Army Reload Paintball Ball Hauler

Here, we were presenting the all New HK Army Reload Paintball Hauler and Pod Filler. The Reload is a valuable piece of tackle for any level of player. This multipurpose accessory is loaded with features that save money and increase performance, visit these Pistol Leg Holster.

The durable plastic exterior provides a safe setting for storing paint and five integrated volume markers displayed vertically along one side. The loading spout and driving spout come equipped with attached lock lids, preventing spills and wasted paint. An additional bonus is a convenient Ball Size that slides securely into place at the back of the unit, allowing players to match paint and barrel bore sizes easily.

Therefore, the HK army reloads hold up to 1000 paintballs. They make easy access for loading spout w/Lock lid. The five-volume level marks. It includes the ball sizes (8 different bore sizes). So, This hauler helps to refill the paintball gun easily. It makes loading pods and hoppers much faster. By purchasing this hauler makes it easy to play a game and saves your time. You can immediately fill your pods with a hauler. This hauler is ideal for a paintball player.


  • Holds up to 1000 paintball
  • Easy access loading spot
  • Five volume level marks
  • Includes eight different bore sizes balls

Valken Paintball Ball Hauler/Loader – Smoke

Valken Paintball Ball Hauler/Loader – Smoke

Valken paintball hauler is fantastic. You still have to open the bag correctly and get it in there, but it is so much trying to fill a hopper or pod from a bag. Out of everything in the paintball accessories, this, hands down, is the best. Seriously this thing makes filling pods simple and keeps me from spilling paints. It will pay for itself eventually if you drop paint between the bag and your hopper and pods. And if you say you never drop paint, then it’s wrong.

Moreover, This great product helps to store paintball safely and securely in a simple, no-frills product. The lids are attached to the hauler, so no need to worry about misplacing or forgetting the covers on a busy day at the field.

It is a plastic cylinder with a fill neck, and it can’t split hairs on the details. This will make filling pods much more comfortable, though, review these Paintball Hopper.

In fact, Valken works perfect and can fit a whole case of paint in it and makes filling your pods a breeze.  It holds many paintballs and makes it easy to fill pods or put paintballs directly to the hopper. This is the better way of pouring straight for the bag.


  • Reload your hopper and pods easily
  • The molded handle makes it easy to hold and pure
  • Spill less paint and save money
  • Clear friction lids for top and spout

Gxg Paintball Hauler Caddy Holds 1000 Paintballs – Red

Gxg Paintball Hauler Caddy Holds 1000 Paintballs – Red

GXG paintball is one of the best paintball haulers. It holds the ball safely. Easily let others play with your balls after popping the top. You can quickly reload it and then go again. This is an excellent product with great results.

In fact, Every paintballer wants to play the game securely and win with immediate play. It will save tons of paintballs. Always keep it in one hand. Firstly, This hauler did not come with a smaller lid for a spout.  Secondly, It has a nicely thought out GXG paintball hauler. The lid at the highest snaps off and has very a largemouth. You can dump paintball bags into them in a hurry. It can easily provide somewhere to stay 2 x 500 paintball gears and maybe hold a noble hundred more. Seal it up and snap the top lid back on. When the time comes to restock your hopper or pod, snap off the feeder lid and dump paint in a hurry, without spills. The feed rate is just abundant to make loading paint super-efficient and just slow enough to ensure you don’t drop colour.

The GXG was thoughtful to both the top lid and the feeder lid with little plastic mold anchors, so you never lose them when loading or satisfying in a hurry. The lids snap on very close-fitting and don’t lose friction even after thousands of uses.

The handle is very ergonomically designed as well. Preferably thinly made and long, it is perfect for a handy but secure grip required to load and feed paint. This is the popular choice of all.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Super-efficient
  • Durable

Valken Paintball Tactical Ball Hauler

Valken Paintball Tactical Ball Hauler

This Valken paintball ball container is just as good as the two other haulers we talked about before. What makes this altered is that it has a square footprint instead of a cylindrical footprint that the other two containers must.

Some people like this hauler’s honest setup as it allows them to store it better in their paintball kit bag or tuck it away nicely in a corner in the boot of their car. It also looks more relaxed than the cylindrical haulers. But that’s just our opinion. Valken paintball hauler manufactured with durable, high quality.

Firstly, The lids come tied, and you won’t lose them as a result.  Secondly, The dark black colour looks imaginary, and the handle is durable, and so is the hauler in general.  We also felt that the rectangular design made nourishing balls into your hopper or pods slightly well-organized than when you were loading from a cylindrical hauler.

Therefore, Valken hauler is used to reloading your hopper and pods quickly with ease. It is used to molded handle makes it easy to hold and pour. You will wonder how and why you ever hand fed paint; what a joke to do make loading paint so convenient and easy to get you packed out on the field in seconds and prevent dropping looking colour. It came fast and of excellent quality for paintball trips and events.


  • great quality
  • very durable
  • high recommended
  • real
  • easy to use

The Thing Needs To Consider Before Buying The Best Paintball Hauler:

When you are a paintball game lover and want to purchase paintball accessories such as a hauler. Then it would be best if you kept in mind a few things. Here are some features that might help you find the right product for you.

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Affordability


There are many pressing factors and the severe effect you could look at in the paintball field. Since all fields are unique, you may end up playing in more challenging landscapes and conditions each time you play. Along these lines, you need a rigid paintball tank that will want to oppose this way. You’ll never know when you should manage water, rainstorms, sand, winds, and other climate conditions or components that nature will toss at you. A great hauler will want to oppose every one of them.


You’ll need a lightweight paintball hauler so you can easily do it with you on the field. Try not to buy a heavy paintball hauler like the steel hauler. You will need a lighter hauler since it will permit you to remain out on the field for a more drawn-out time, and they are likewise simpler to deal with as well. You will value this on the off chance that you are taking an interest in a long competition.


You will need a paintball hauler that can quickly put in the hand. In any case, you should be careful that it doesn’t weigh a lot because the more fantastic hauler is more weight. It is lightweight while as yet having a lot of space for placing balls. However, if you wouldn’t fret a heavier hauler that holds more balls, pull out all the stops. Focus on the material as well.


Therefore, when you offer your dealings at a very reasonable and user-friendly price, why not select this package. Customers not only take pleasure in discounts but also save their budget. We tell you that this price will now be a huge deal. I hope you will try these products in the paintball accessory market before these haulers are out of stock. The advantage of these haulers is prepared in a variety of colours to be consistent. Therefore, consider buying these items without wasting time.

Facts About Paintball Hauler:

Are these haulers can easily be carried?

Yes, these haulers are easily carried.

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