How to be good at Paintball (even if you’ve never played before)

You are a newbie on paintball? Trust me, you’ll be in over your head. Whether it is a birthday party or just because, and even if this will only happen once (which we hope), playing with people can also make an evening out of it! To help new players survive their game, they should know these six little hints: 

1) Don’t be afraid of the paint

If you’re a new player, you can often be scared of getting hit by a paintball, but your enemies spend all of their first game curled up in the fetal position. But not only is this an unenjoyable way to spend your time, but it’s also completely useless! The best thing about these fears people have- even though they may sound ridiculous at times -is realizing how uncommon the majority aren’t painful or dangerous once you’ve been struck with one (though there are some unfortunate exceptions).

The best way of avoiding is getting hit and winning your games. And trust me, it won’t happen from a fetal position! So bite the bullet and move — all you have in paintballs anyway 😉

As someone with a really low pain threshold (or any person at all), wearing a couple of extra layers of underclothing can take most if not the entire impact away while playing without compromising protection for mobility which will help alleviate discomfort during an active gameplay sessions.

2) Understanding your paintball marker and winning a thousand battles.

Paintball markers are typically gravity-fed; the paintballs roll from their hopper into your barrel before being fired. That means that if you jump less or upside down, then your marker won’t work! Make sure to put on tight lids–it’s too bad how many new players manage to spill some of those expensive balls (almost everyone does it once).

If you can, take a few practice shots with your marker before the game starts (with permission from the marshal). That will let you know if it is working and help get an idea of where its range goes. Don’t waste ammo by firing at opponents too far away because then they’ll know exactly where to find someone else who might be shooting back!

3) Use your eyes, ears, and mouth.

Making yourself scarce when shots are fired is a good way to get out of the line of fire. In Paintball Rib Protector, It can be done by ducking behind something and staying low until it’s safe for you to pop up again with some cover in between us, so we both have an advantage over our opponent!

It’s important to use your eyes and ears, then call out the enemy’s position with a shout. As an effective rule of thumb, you should take three seconds before looking around for them not to notice that spotted enemies!

Practice makes perfect – look at where enemies are hiding; hear their footsteps coming up on either side or behind you on of scream when suddenly hit by fire from afar (you never know how close it’ll be)

4) Listen to the Paintball Marshal

The marshal is the backbone of any sporting event. They are there to ensure that everyone knows their place and follows the rules set out by authorities, both on-field or arena floor and off; therefore, You must listen carefully when an official warns you about something- not only because they have control over your team but also for safety reasons!

Before you can go back into the game, some things need to happen. If that is just a Paintball Guns hit and not broken skin-contact with an actual ball will cause pain but won’t necessarily make someone out – meaning they’ll be able to play on after being “hit.” But if your enemy says they have called themselves ‘out,’ then this means their splatter must also show up as confirmation before any communication between player injury occurs again, so check particularly for red marks all over!

5) Understand your objective

Elimination paintball games, where the goal is to cover your team members in one same color dress so that shots from either side cannot hit them. These are also less common than you might think; more often, there will be another scheme for victory, such as capturing flags or protecting VIPs with limited immunity zones around them throughout their “field” (map). Coordinate well and use strategies like marking enemies’ locations when playing objectives based on Elim gameplay rules because every second counts!

6) Don’t get yourself pinned down.

Moving without thinking may get you killed. The best way is to avoid this situation is by trying not just “I’m going there,” but planning your escape route! If they are pinned down and outgunned with no chance for cover fire from teammates, shout at them so that someone can help or find an alternate path if possible.

If you are a pro in Paintball and we have missed some tips, you can recommend us!

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