Leaf Suit Vs Ghillie Suit

Leaf Suit Vs Ghillie Suit: What Is the Best Type of 3D Camouflage?

Leaf Suit Vs Ghillie Suit

Very few products in the market are competitive vs. the highest quality camouflage like leaf suits or ghillie suits. So you will feel confident and prepared once you enter the paintball field wearing these camouflage suits and heavy paintball arsenal. But the real issue is selecting the absolute best between these two. But you don’t have to worry as we will compare both products for you to learn easily.

The main difference is easily visible in the manufacturing and composition of each camouflage suit. The leaf suits are constructed using actual camouflage material, which appears to be actual leaves on the suit. On the other hand, ghillie suits are made using fabric pieces and nets. As a result, you can use a leaf suit for warmer and humid climatic regions, while ghillie suits are preferred for cold environments.

Comparing two of the highest quality products is one of the toughest pieces of work. But, it’s not impossible, and you can come to a reasonable conclusion if you pay close attention to the built features and lack of each product. But, you don’t have to do the hard work as we have already done all the research for you and gathered all the important features for you. Just read and carefully understand each product which will ultimately help you choose your camouflage suit.

Following are the important features of leaf suits and ghillie suits:

Leaf Suits:

The leaf suits are initially made using three-dimensional camouflage materials to simultaneously produce better hiding ability and comfort. The synthetic materials provide better movements, and these leaf suits are lightweight compared to the ghillie suits. Leaf suits were constructed for hunters and soldiers in the rainforest and humid areas. Paintball players have recently started using these camouflage suits due to their significant benefits. These leaf suits are relaxing and easy on the body, which is very helpful in intense climates and hours of gameplay.

Most camouflage suits are heavy and harsh on the body as they are made from tough and uncomfortable materials. A lot of paintball competitions take place in forests and diverse regions. These leaf suits are perfect for those regions as they allow proper airflow and breathability. With all of the benefits, there are some drawbacks too. The leaf suits are not made with strong materials, leading to easy tearing and less durability in the game. You also don’t get diverse color patterns with the leaf suits.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Wearable in rain


  • Difficult customization

Ghillie suits:

The ghillie suits are built from nets and actual colored fabric pieces. These are more durable and allow better camouflage ability on the paintball playing field. Ghillie suits blend the body outline to achieve a better defense mechanism. Most snipers worldwide prefer these suits due to their unmatched durability and camouflage ability in the field. You can easily adjust the color gradings and appearance of the suit as it consists of various materials used in construction.

You can cover your legs, arms, face, and abdominal region readily using this ghillie suit in addition to the back of your body. These camouflage suits are specifically designed for more intense and cold environments. The ghillie suits allow users to add additional distractions and more camouflage effects to their outlook, covering your whole body so you can hide easily in the plains and glaciers. Ghillie suits don’t require a diverse environment to add invisibility to the paintball players.


  • Ideal for cold climate
  • Attachable foliage
  • Excellent concealment


  • Heavy and warm

Comparison between Both Camouflage Suits:

Most camouflage suits are similar in physical appearance and share basic features too. However, there are a lot of differences and comparative qualities between leaf suits and ghillie suits. These features distinguish between the scopes of usage of each type of camouflage suit. For an even better understanding and help finalize your personalized suit selection, we have further explained the basic properties.

Following are the basic and important comparative features between leaf suits and ghillie suits:

The climate of the Paintball field:

The temperature and humidity in the combat field of paintball are very important. The wrong selection of composure of the camouflage suit can cause an uncomfortable experience and add extra stress to the game. Therefore, it is usually advised to use leaf suits for warmer and humid climates. At the same time, you can use ghillie suits in snowfall and low-temperature climates.


The toughness and durability of the suits are also very essential. Therefore, you should pay attention to the nature of the components of the camouflage suits. For example, you should choose ghillie suits if you desire more durability and strength. On the other hand, leaf suits are made more sensitive and fragile.


The built quality of the suit for paintball is directly proportional to the efficiency of camouflage in the combat field. For example, leaf suits are considered more efficient camouflage as they are made of three-dimensional mesh. On the other hand, Ghillie suits are made of nets and fabric; hence they are less camouflage, especially on warm playing fields.


If you can’t add important customizations to your suit for paintball, you will be visible easily, and the defense mechanism of the camouflage suits ultimately decreases. Leaf suits are featured as ready-to-wear, and you can’t add much to them. On the other hand, Ghillie suits permit a lot of diversity and customization for the paintball players.

Comfort and Efficiency:

Camouflage suits are meant to provide invisibility, help in hiding and escape and provide comfort and ease at the same time. Generally, ghillie suits are considered more intense, heavy, and versatile. On the other hand, leaf suits are lightweight, more comfortable, and more efficient in providing camouflage.


We hope you have received enough guidance and assistance by reading this article. Each suit is well explained with its benefits and disadvantages. Moreover, key differences in both camouflage suits are also mentioned expressively. Now, you can decide whether you want ghillie or leaf suits for your next paintball game. You can also try customizing your suit for added efficiency and artistic effect. Always maintain a sportsmanship spirit and avoid serious injuries to oneself and others. Seek medical assistance in case of injury or incident. Thanks for reading.

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