Is Paintball Safe for Kids

Is Paintball Safe for Kids – Age Limit and Precautions

Is Paintball Safe for Kids

Paintball is an attractive game that your kids insist on getting once they know about it. But on seeing hitting with a gun, the first question in parents’ minds is about safety. Whether playing paintball is safe for your kids?

This game is simple: two opponents shoot each other with a gelatin capsule filled with colors that burst upon impact. So, it is obvious how a gelatin material can injure to a dangerous level.

When you undergo statistics that playing this paintball did hurt how many people or kids? Then it is just 2 out of thousands. But, at the same time, you must have known that they neglected the safety rules.

So, the accurate answer to this concern is, “Yes, paintball is safe for kids with precautions and appropriate caliber.”

Now scroll down and learn different paint marker calibrations, the precautions, and the age limit to play this game.

What Caliber of Paintball is Safe for Kids?

Paintball can be dangerous if the gun caliber and power are not appropriate for your kid’s age. Like, Compressed Air Paintball guns may cause more injuries than if played with Spring Powered guns.

The reason for this is the Compressed Air Gun is more powerful in terms of velocity. And higher the velocity more powerful the gun, and it may result in bruising.

If you purchase a paintball for the kids, they will guide you on which one is safer. But the lower caliber paintball will give more fun. Further, before buying a paintball, you must also know that how long will it last.

Paintball with 50 Caliber

Generally, two calibers are suggested for the kids; 68 and 50. The 50 cal shots smaller balls of diameter 0.5″ and weighs around 1.21g. But children can enjoy a maximum of 130 feet. So this caliber is safe for your kids, about seven years.

If you try it first, you will feel like someone just tapped. And if you are wearing a jacket, then you will not even feel like being hit. Thus, your kids will never want to leave it.

Paintball with 68 Caliber

Although in 68 cal, the paintball size is 0.68″ and a bit heavier, weighing around 3.2g, it is not harmful under safety measures. Moreover, your ten years old can shoot each other at even 150 feet because they move with more than double the power of the smaller one.

In short, because of the smaller and lighter balls, the low Caliber game is safer. In addition, parents found only minor redness on the hits.

What Precautions Make the Paintball a Safe Game for Kids?

You must follow the safety guidelines to get maximum fun from this game. However, if you are playing in the field, then the field staff ensures that all the preventive measures have been taken. However, they let you enjoy it but not at the cost of others.

Age Limitations

The first and foremost concern is at what age is it safe to paintball?

As we mentioned earlier, the low-caliber game is safe for seven-year-old children, and ten years old can play with 68 cal without fear of injury.

But some paintball fields restrict the age minimum to 12 years. So it would help if you chose the paintball venue before taking your child to play.

Choose the Right Gun

The above-mentioned is the size of the ball suitable according to age. Getting the right pressure gun; Spring-powered gun is preferable for kids 12 years or younger.

Otherwise, in the field, the instructor knows which gun is right for your children. And also, they have prescribed area and distance limitations according to the pressure of the gun.

Like, for a Compressed Air Gun, children are advised to play at more distance than if they play with a spring powered.

Put on the Right Gear

Before entering the paintball field, wearing a protection mask on the face and barrel cover is mandatory. If you do not wear the complete gear, the hitting may cause severe damage to your eyes.

Don’t Shoot Non-players

However, paintball is for fun but only for the players who have taken all safety measures. So, avoid shooting the non-players, as it may hurt them.

Pre-decide the Signals

Deciding what signal you will give to take a break is better. It will protect you from losing the game with an accidental shot. Also, give a pre-decided signal at the time of elimination.

Pre-decide the No-shot Range

Paintball can hurt someone if played at a small distance. That is the reason paintball fields restrict hit within 15 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is paintballing painful for kids?

A: Everything which hits gives a little pain. Similarly, paintballing is painful but is bearable. It does not cause that much pain that kids stop playing. This pain does not decrease their enjoyment level.

And if they are properly equipped with safety gear, they don’t even feel the hits.

Q: Can my six-year-old boy play with mini paintball?

A: Yes, because mini paintball is about 0.43″ in diameter and runs with lesser velocity than even low-caliber paintball. It is safe to play but with proper safety protocol.

Conclusion – Paintball a Secure Game for Kids

In a nutshell, the smaller the size of the paintball, the lower the caliber is. Thus with the reduced size of the paintball and precautions, the paintball is less harmful to kids from 6 to 12 years.

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