Pepperball TCP Review

Pepperball TCP Self-Defense Launcher Review

Pepperball TCP Review

A pepper ball Tactical Compact Pistol is the best alternative to a lethal firearm. It is great for personal protection, with enough power to protect your home. Also, being fun to use as a sport, more and more people are searching for user experiences. That is why we compiled a complete Pepperball TCP Review so that you can take a confident decision.

In this review, you will be able to know what a pepper ball TCP is, which technique it works, and how it is beneficial for you. Also, we have gathered and communicated the real user data.

What is a Pepperball TCP?

It is a Tactical Compact Pistol that shoots pepper balls using compressed air power. The balls are the same 0.68” in diameter gelatin capsules filled with pepper gas instead of paint. Thus, it proves non-lethal to be used as a fun sport by adults.

These pepper balls are designed as round and VXR projectiles compatible with TCP. That is why it is also called multi-shot TCP, while the VXR projectiles have a longer range than the round ones. This way, the TCP is more powerful when it fires the VXR projectiles.

Speaking of the size, it is compact enough that it fits in a holster and weighs only 1.71 lbs.

How does a Pepperball TCP Work?

The TCP is a little stronger addition in FSC, First Strike Paintball. In TCP, the pepper ball shells are harder than FSC, which is why metal detents switched those of plastic.

It is easy to load using a magazine like a regular pistol and doesn’t need recoiling due to the pressure from compressed air.

In TCP pepper balls, the filling is not peppers. But, the name comes from the chemical Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide, which is synthetically produced in the lab and is present in peppers.

On firing and striking the target, these pepper balls burst and resulted in a blast cloud of about 12 feet radius. And PAVA causes irritation in the throat, blurry eyes, skin itching, and even breathing issues.

Due to low and non-toxic damage, these TCPs are used by law enforcement agencies and can be used for personal protection without getting any license. People grab them as soon as they find them non-lethal weapons.

Lastly, it has a security feature, which means it cannot shoot accidentally.

Pepperball TCP Features

  • Caliber: 68
  • Ball Diameter: 0.68”
  • Power by: Compressed Air
  • Weight: 1.71 Lbs
  • Projectile Type: Spherical and VXR projectile
  • Launch Distance: 150 ft
  • Magazine Capacity: 6 Rounds
  • Special Feature: Safe from Unplanned Firing

How is a Pepperball Beneficial for you?

  • The biggest pro of having a pepper ball is that it is legal to carry everywhere.
  • It is readily available without a lengthy process of licensing.
  • It does not have a lasting effect but is superb for avoiding hand-to-hand combat with danger.
  • Moreover, pepper fires are easy to deploy with an aim-and-shoot.
  • It fires with sufficient power that the projectile beats the air and strikes the exact target. So it is because low air pressure does not disturb the aim.
  • So small that it easily fits in your purse, or you may carry it in the holster.

What Users Told about the Efficiency of Pepperball TCP?

It is important to know before making any purchase that what users say about it. That is why to help you making a decision we reported some authentic users review about pepperball TCP.

  1. One of the buyers of pepper ball made several shots with it, and they all were well in the aim. Even slow air was blowing. He also targeted a wooden box where the fire left a mark, and he aimed at the same spot, and the result was surprisingly exact.
  2. Another person tried its shots around his daughter, and she didn’t feel any distraction, even in terms of itching or smell. The next time he fired and the projectile burst just next to her, she coughed a little and felt a bit of smell. In short, it didn’t affect his daughter much to stop her from advancing toward him.
  3. If you have gone through the user manual of any pepper ball gun, the manufacturer recommends not storing it loaded. Which is a big joke, meaning when you see a danger, load the magazine, insert it, then shoot?
  4. While testing, I suddenly dropped the gun on one fire, which threw the rest of the projectiles. Isn’t it an invitation to the rival?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pepper ball gun?

So far, from the users’ reviews, we found SABRE Red Aim the most popular for personal protection.

Is police magnum pepper spray good?

It is good and easy to use, just like any other spray. The reason is you don’t have to aim a target at a farther distance and don’t need any training to use it.


This pepperball TCP review says in short, that it is a multi-shot personal defense launcher which is non-deadly to save lives.

If you want it just for sports and to have fun with friends, you may get any with the standard projectiles. On just a click you may find some of the Best Pepper Balls.

But if the purpose is defense, then undergo market research and find the stronger option to slow down the advancing person.

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