Tippmann 98 Custom - Ultimate Beginner's Choice

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun (Expert Review)

Paintballing is fun.– It can be fun if you have the best gun for playing a game. Tippmann 98 Custom is one of the most famous paintball guns on the market for a good reason. This marker is reliable, easy to utilize, and great for beginner and experienced players. However, with its mechanical design and quality construction, it’s easy to understand why the 98 Custom has been a mainstay in the paintball world for years. In addition, It is an outstanding choice for beginners. Nevertheless, With its durable construction and a broad range of upgradeable parts, the 98 Custom is a great addition. Furthermore, In this review, you will learn about Tippmann 98 custom’s specifications, features, and how it works.

Tippmann 98 Custom Features 

 How Does it Work?

Tippmann 98 Custom is an option for those looking to get into paintball. This gun is easy to use and has a lot of upgrades that can be bought separately. The Tippmann 98 Custom features an aluminum die-cast receiver that is great for playing woodball and a high-impact composite body that is lightweight and durable. It also comes with a built-in magazine-style hopper that can hold up to 200 paintballs, as well as a front-cocking knob for easy and reliable performance. Furthermore, the marker also features a variety of components, including a response trigger and a cyclone feed system. It is also manageable to maintain and clean and compatible with accessories. Another feature that makes this gun a great entry-level paintball gun is its ability to use CO2 and HPA air tanks. 

The specification of Tippmann 98 Custom        

However, Tippmann 98 Custom is designed to be trustworthy, even in sturdy conditions. In addition, the marker can be used with CO2 and compressed air, making it a choice for any paintball field.

  • The marker is made to be simple and shoots paintballs at a speed of 160 feet per second. 
  • The Anti-Chop Technology minimizes color breakage, ensuring that the marker continues to perform at optimal levels.
  • The Tippmann 98 is a gun that has a metal receiver and a plastic stock. It has a threaded barrel with a length of 14 inches. 
  • The trigger mechanism is full auto, meaning that it will shoot continuously when you pull the trigger. 
  • It has a warranty of two years.
  • The Tippmann 98 also has an adjustable hop-up system, which controls how much air the BB travels when shot. 
  • It also has a quick loader system, which means you can load all your paintballs in the marker in about ten seconds.

How to clean the Tippmann 98 custom?

Cleaning your paintball gun is essential to keep it in good condition and prolong its life. The most important thing to remember when cleaning your paintball gun is to ensure that you have the proper tools for the job. In addition, the tools you need include a toothbrush, a bottle of cleaner, a small rag, and a wire brush. If you have these tools, it’s time to start cleaning. First, take off the bolt and remove any of the paintballs that are inside of it. Next, unscrew the barrel from the gun so you can clean out any extra paint inside of it. Finally, take a toothbrush and scrub the inside of the barrel with some cleaner. You can also use a rag to remove any excess cleaner inside the barrel. Once you have finished cleaning your paintball gun, it’s time to put it back together and get back into the game!

How much is a used Tippmann 98 custom worth?

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Guns are a great way to start playing paintball. These guns are top-selling and used by a lot of people across the world. If you’re looking to buy a used Tippmann 98 Custom, it’s key to know how much they are worth. There are two ways to find out how much your used Tippmann 98 Custom is worth:

  1. The first way is to look up the prices of other used paintball guns on websites. Moreover, It will give you a good idea of what your used Tippmann 98 Custom is worth.
  2. Another way is you can search for it offline.

How to change velocity on Tippmann 98 custom?

Changing the velocity on a Tippmann 98 custom paintball marker is one of the first things you should do to ensure that your gun is in the best shape. It is crucial to change the velocity on your marker because it will help to increase the effectiveness of shots and decrease the chances of jamming. Furthermore, to change the velocity of the Tippmann 98 custom, players will need a wrench and a screwdriver. First, unscrew the front screw on the velocity adjuster by hand. Then, use the wrench to turn the screw clockwise until it is tight against the marker’s body. Now, use the screwdriver to tighten it again. You should now be able to adjust your velocity by turning the screw clockwise or counterclockwise.


The product review of Tippmann 98 custom is the best gun for beginners. Easy to use and handle. If you are a beginner in this game and looking for the best marker for paintballing, Tippmann 98 custom is the right choice for starters. Furthermore, to check the price and product review of the Tippmann 98 Custom, visit the Amazon website; please click on the link below:

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